May 2012

Death and Thankfulness: Our Dog Molly

We had our dog, Molly, since before I was pregnant with our first child. She was a good dog and we miss her. My children haven’t know not having a dog because she has always been around since they were born. She was gentle with them and they loved her. Because of her, they don’t fear dogs.

Molly helped teach my children responsibility. My six year old son has learned the responsibility of taking care of another living creature. Feeding her every day. Washing her dishes and kennel. Cleaning up after her. Bathing, and grooming her. Even my four year old has had his turn at taking care of her. 

Molly helped show my children what obedience looks like. “Molly come!” and she came with no questions asked, no arguing, no dawdling, no tantrums.

Molly had been sick for several weeks when one day, my husband and I sensed that it was getting close to the time of Molly’s death, so we had the children go outside and spend some special time playing with her. I’m so glad for their sake that we did, because she died the next day. 

My children have been sick lately, which is very frustrating to me at times. Yet, our dog reminded me in the midst of this, to be thankful in all things, even when my children are sick; I can be thankful that they are still alive. 

We never know how long we will have someone or something in our lives. I want my children to be constantly thankful; Especially thankful for the time we have with loved ones. I am trying to convey this heart of gratitude to my children in the midst of their mourning. I think mourning has it’s season, but gratitude should still be found among it.

Even through Molly’s death, she was still teaching my children. She taught them about sickness and dying. Death is a part of life. I believe that we shouldn’t shelter our children from it, but help them mature through it. Death is as much a part of life as birth is. Everyone is born and everyone dies. What a great opportunity to talk to my children about our Loving Creator. 

Thank you God, for the seven years we had with our dog, Molly; And thank you for the time I have now with my family