June 2012

Useful Junkmail-An Oxymoron

I hate wasting things. I’d probably be a hoarder if I didn’t hate clutter so much. Because of my unique combination of personality traits that God has created me with, I try to find non-traditional uses for things that I would otherwise just throw away (If I can’t find an alternative use for something I still throw it away, so in case you were wondering, no, I don’t have a big ball of dental floss hidden in a cupboard somewhere in my house). One of the items that keeps coming into my house, that really has no traditional usefulness, is junk mail. Since we have such a plethora of it, I have through the years come up with a few creative, educational uses for the junk mail I am constantly receiving.

The Unusual Pursuit of Squirrel Trapping

We have an abundance of squirrels in our yard. My six-year-old son really wants to catch one. He says because he wants to provide food and leather for our family. We have never used squirrels for these purposes before, but this is my son’s pursuit regardless. I think fun is the more likely reason for this pursuit, but the reason is not the point.

The point is that even though this is not a typical pursuit for a six-year-old (or maybe it is, I have no comparison since he is my oldest), I am not only allowing it, but encouraging it because he has exemplified several good qualities through this pursuit.

Homeschool Doesn't End When Summer Starts

If you are like me, you probably recently finished your school year or are almost done. I admit I’m calling it the end of the year. My children are excited to be promoted to the next grade (before they even put down their pencils after the last assignment), but we aren’t really done. Learning is such a part of our lives, that I just can’t stop teaching them. We enjoy it. I see summer as a wonderful opportunity to do more hands-on-learning such as field trips and science experiments and math games. I feel like we have more time for fun learning during our summer days because we aren’t doing as much book work. Yes, I meant to say “as much”.