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Red Mustang Convertible

Red Ford MustangWhen my oldest son was a baby, we would watch for Daddy to come home. We live on a busy street, so as we watched for Daddy, we would watch the vehicles go by. I would name the color and type of vehicles that passed by, such as red car or grey SUV. Being a boy, my son loved this game. We played it almost every day. By the time my son could talk, he was naming the color and type of vehicles that we saw. I believe that he knew his colors even before he could talk because of this daily game we played.

As my son grew older, the game evolved into more complicated descriptions. Instead of red car, it became red mustang convertible with a black top. At times we have added location or direction like yellow school bus by the stop light or white pickup truck going east. I believe that as this game evolved, it not only helped him learn his colors, but also develop his language.

I have played this same game with all of my children at their different levels. Now, my oldest sons play it with their younger siblings. They all love it! Even my 5 month old daughter loves to watch the cars go by and hear me talk to her. As she grows, I’m sure she too will learn her colors the same way her oldest brothers have.

What fun educational games have you invented for your children?


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