Without My Consent: Keeping Immunization Records in a State Database

This week I took my son to the doctor for his 2 year checkup and an interesting thing happened involving his medical records. I noticed that my son’s vaccination record was inaccurate. The record stated that my son had received a vaccination that he had never actually received. I notified the nurse and she notified the doctor and she notified the site supervisor. This was a big deal. I was glad that they were taking it seriously. They didn’t know how this had happened. They didn’t know whether or not he had actually received the vaccine (I know he hadn’t). They promised to look into it and get back to me about what happened.


Later in the week, I received a call from the clinic supervisor stating that my son was a part of MIIC. I had never heard of MIIC before and was not very happy to find out that my son had been enrolled in a state controlled program without my consent. The clinic supervisor then told me that another clinic had wrongly entered the vaccine information into my son’s MIIC record. And that the supervisor’s clinic had pulled that information and entered it into my son’s chart against their clinic policy. I asked the supervisor if I could opt out of MIIC. She didn’t know but said she would look into it and get back to me. I looked into it myself right away.

MIIC (Minnesota Immunization Information Connection) claims to be a program among health care providers, parents, public health agencies, and schools aimed at preventing disease through immunization. MIIC claims to use a confidential, computerized information system, also known as an immunization registry, which they claim contains a complete and accurate record of a person’s immunizations, no matter where they got those shots.

Hepatitis B VirusAs you can see, what MIIC claims and what is actual are two different things. MIIC claims that their records are confidential yet in my son’s case, someone went against clinic policy and entered information into my son’s chart. MIIC claims their records are complete, yet they are only as complete as those clinics that choose to participate. MIIC claims their records are accurate, yet in my son’s case, they were not. MIIC’s user agreement states that all authorized users of MIIC agree to “Prominently display informational materials about MIIC that notify individuals of their option to not participate.” I have been going to my clinic for more than 3 years and have never noticed such materials prominently displayed. MIIC is exempt from HIPAA’s privacy regulations. I feel that enrolling my children into a state controlled registry with out my knowledge is a violation of my parental and my children’s health care rights.

I want every parent to be aware of this state controlled registry. Your child is probably already a part of this registry without your consent. I encourage you to seriously consider whether or not you want your child to continue to be a part of this program that you didn’t consent to enrolling them in. As for my children, we have chosen to have them opted-out. Per MIIC’s web page, this simply means that “The record is locked and not deleted... After the opt out, there is no subsequent disclosure of the demographic and immunization information to any other authorized users querying for that record.”

If you choose to have your children opted-out, you can contact the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) coordinator in your region or by calling 800-657-3970.

If you would like more information on MIIC visit the MIIC page on the Minnesota Department of Health website.

If you are concerned about your health care freedom you may be interested in Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom.

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