Doing Something You Didn't Think You Ever Could

There are many things we do as mothers that we never imagined we’d do. This summer, I had the privilege of encountering a new one. 

It happened shortly after we purchased a kiddie pool for our children. One day when we returned home from an appointment, we walked passed the kiddie pool on the way into the house. My children were in front of me. At the sight of the inside of the pool, my children starting making quite a commotion. Unaware of what they were all saying, since they were all talking at once, I looked into the pool to see what the commotion was all about. There, floating in our new kiddie pool, was a dead squirrel!

The squirrel had apparently climbed into the pool to get a drink and couldn’t get itself back out of the pool once it was done. I don’t usually like squirrels because of all the damage they cause, but seeing a drowned one floating in our kiddie pool, was a sad, pathetic sight to behold even for me. I considered leaving it for my manly husband to deal with when he got home, but it was morning and it just didn’t seem right to leave the dead squirrel floating in the pool all day long. Furthermore, until I removed, drained, cleaned, and refilled the pool, it was unusable. Since it had been so hot and dry that week, that just didn’t seem prudent. So, I sucked it up and got the pitch fork to remove the dead squirrel from the kiddie pool. I was going to immediately throw it into the garbage, but my curious children wanted to see it. So, as gross as it was, I allowed them to inspect the dead squirrel close up. 

My children learned some details about squirrels they hadn’t known before, just by being able to see one close up (live ones don’t seem to hold still long enough). It was also a very visual reminder of pool safety rules and the horrible effects of disobeying them. 

So, the moral of this story is that sometimes as mothers we do things that we never thought we would have to do (dealing with a dead squirrel). And in the midst of it, we need to be strong for our children (God will give us the strength we need) and make the most out of it. If I had danced around and screamed about how disgusting the dead squirrel was, my children never would have gotten close enough to learn the things they did about squirrels and probably would have developed some irrational fear.

Interesting footnote... Another squirrel that died in our pool on another day, was the focus an elementary dissection exercise. 

What is something you never thought you’d have to do as a parent and what was learned from it (by you or your children)?


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