Ethnic Nights

Last night in our home was Iranian Night. About once a month I choose an ethnicity for us to learn about. Sometimes I tie it into another subject, like when we were studying Ancient Egypt, we had Egyptian Night. Other times, I just choose what I think is best for my children to learn about. Lately, we have been studying about ancient cultures in the middle east, so this month I choose Iran for our Ethnic Night. 

Throughout the day we read books to learn about the culture of choice. Sometimes we do activities that relate to that culture. For instance when we did Native American Night my children slept in a teepee that night. Sometimes we try to dress like the culture (past or present). For Iranian Night I covered my head. I always cook at least one meal from that culture (some are more authentic than others). I typically get a recipe book from the culture of choice ahead of time so I can prepare. Our library is a great resource for this.

Not only do I choose foods to cook from the specific ethnicity of our night, but I try to model our eating environment after that culture. One of our favorite Ethnic Nights, was Chinese Night. When I served the meal, I served it at kiddy tables with cushions spread around them on the floor for us to sit on. We used chopsticks when we ate and drank tea from fancy cups. All while listening to chinese music in the background. Even though this particular ethnic night was over a year ago, my children still talk about it fondly!

Not only do my children love these nights and learn a lot from them, but my husband and I also learn right along with our children.

What things do you do to celebrate and learn about other cultures?


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