Happy Birthday America!

Independence Day like any other birthday in this house will be celebrated with food. We will be having Red, White, & Blue Pancakes for breakfast. Lunch will be a simple PB&J sandwiches with a side of Bananas. For supper we will grill out and serve Red, White, & Blue Fruit Salad.

Normally we spend the day with friends and watch the fireworks late at night. This year my children have chickenpox. Since socializing in public places is rather frowned on, we will be staying home this year.

I also want my children to never forget the importance of this day, so we will be reading the Declaration of Independence. I know that my children are young and probably won’t understand most of it, but I want them to become familiar with it as they grow. If I read it every year, it will become familiar to them by the time we study it in-depth in highschool. I also plan to discuss some of our founding fathers who sacrificed greatly to make this day happen. Rick Boyer has a great list of some of these heroic men in his article Part I - Boyer Family Independence Day Celebration if you are looking for some brief summaries.

We love to finish our day by watching the City fireworks at a local park. However, since getting bitten by a bunch of mosquitoes while already having chickenpox probably wouldn’t feel so good, we are planning to watch the fireworks from inside our minivan. It will be a challenge to arrange the kids so they can all see out the window, but hey, our country’s birthday only comes once a year, so let’s remember what our birthday is all about and celebrate!

What are your plans for Independence Day?


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