You may have noticed my lack of recent posts. Here is the reason why.

I tried to prepare for the time demands of a new baby ahead of time as much as I could. I stocked up my freezer with meals and tried to stay on top of bills and laundry and correcting schoolwork and such. When my son was actually born, I took two weeks off of school, with no pressure, to do anything other than survive. After that I started up our schoolwork again slowly (similar to how I we do it in the fall). I started up math and Language first and then when things started to settle into a routine, I added back in the other subjects one at a time as I could handle them.My youngest son was born on February 12th. We had some health challenges the first few weeks, but are now doing well.

In place of and later in addition to our regular schoolwork, I found this to be a great time to talk to my children about babies: how to care for them, how God created them, what makes our baby a boy, etc. I have to frequently remind myself that just because my children aren’t doing all their workbooks, doesn’t mean they aren’t learning. What is more important than learning life lessons about a new baby?

How do you prepare for the birth of a baby and manage life after the birth while homeschooling older children?


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