Kitchen Dating

I think home economics if an important skill. That’s one of the reasons I have one kid a day as my kitchen helper.

My kids usually love it when it is their turn to be my kitchen helper. It’s kind of like a date with Mama since they get to spend a little one on one (sorta) time with me. I invest this time into them because I love them. It’s also important for them to learn how to cook and learn how to help. As they grow older and learn more this will return as a blessing to me.

I have them assist me at their level. My two year old can dump stuff into the bowl or stir something. My four year old can make juice. My six year old can flip pancakes and crack eggs. My eight year old can make pancake batter and pizza among other things.

I believe that kitchen economics is an important skill to becoming an adult.

What have you taught your child about kitchen economics this week?


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