My curriculum choices 2011: 3 year old doing kindergarten work

Part 1 of My Curriculum Choices discussed the choices for my 6-year-old. This time I'll tell you about my kindergartener.


Bob Books” set 1 by Bobby Lynn Maslen: These books are very short and simple and designed for beginning phonic readers. We plan to obtain the next set later in the year.

A Beka Book “K5 Readers”: I have these readers on hand from my oldest son. They are simple and progress in difficulty as my son learns more phonics rules.

Alpha-Phonics” by Samuel L Blumenfeld: It is very simple. The lessons are very short which is important since my son is so young. It is reusable.


A Beka Book “Writing with Phonics K5” & “Numbers Writing Tablet”: These books are easy to use. They teach “ ball and stick ” style of writing which I prefer over some of the other choices. There are examples of how to write the letter on each page and then room to practice. They worked well with my oldest son.

I also plan to have him copy Bible verses that I want him to memorize.


A Beka Book “Numbers Skills K Arithmetic”: I have used A Beka Book math with my oldest son and it seems to work well. I like the convenience of having a workbook that my son can write in. I like the style of how it explains things simply and then gives opportunities to practice them and review them throughout the book.

I plan to also incorporate the use of flashcards.

For the rest of the subjects concerning my kindergartener, I will use a multilevel teaching approach and utilize some of the same materials that I am using with my oldest son.

As you can see from my curriculum choices this year, I am trying to teaching with a more connected approach by tying some of the subjects together such as Religion and Reading instead of having a separate book for each separate subject. I’m also trying to teach more subjects using a multilevel teaching approach. My goal is to make learning easier and more natural for my children and at the same time easier for me. I also want to make better use of our time and add meaning to our work such as writing Bible verses that I want them to memorize for handwriting instead of just writing meaningless sentences. I feel this minimizes the quantity of schoolwork without reducing the amount of learning.

You may have also noticed that I don’t have a curriculum choice listed for each MN required subject. My children are not yet of the MN mandated compulsory attendance age and I therefore do not need to have a formal instruction for each subject. This does not mean that I am not educating them in these subjects, but that I have simply chosen to not have a formal curriculum for that subject.

I’m really looking forward to teaching history this year with the new style I have selected. I think my boys are really going to enjoy it also. What is your favorite new curriculum choice this year? Please leave a comment and let me know.


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