My Homeschool Background

I grew up in Wisconsin with one brother and one sister. I was homeschooled every year except 4th grade when I attended a small private school. My parents used a variety of homeschool methods including a satellite school for my last two years of high school because it was thought there could be issue with college enrollment otherwise.

After high school, I moved to Minnesota and attended St. Cloud State University for four years where I earned a bachelors of science degree in biomedical sciences. I graduated debt free in 2001 even though I didn’t receive any substantial grants or scholarships and did not have significant assistance from my family. In August of that same year, my wonderful public-schooled husband and I were married. We now have three sons and one daughter. I stay at home full-time and homeschool our two oldest sons. My husband works as an IT manager for a large non-profit.

Even before I was married I had assumed that I would probably homeschool my children if my husband agreed. When my oldest son was four, we took him to a kindergarten open house. He was already reading simple words at that point. They told us that since he is a boy and has a summer birthday, they recommend not enrolling him in kindergarten until he reached age 6. Their recommendation solidified our decision to homeschool him. By the time he would have entered kindergarten under their recommendations, he was starting second grade coursework.

I don’t know what the future holds for my children, but I love being able to teach them at their level and not having to wait for an arbitrary age that may or may not have anything to do with their mental capacity.

This is how I became a homeschooled mom with second generation homeschooled kids.


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