One Benefit of Illness

My family has been going through some sicknesses lately. As my oldest son (six years old)  lay on the couch staring out the window because he was too sick to do schoolwork, I realized that he was still learning a lot. Because he was doing this for an extended period of time, he noticed a lot of things about nature that he wouldn’t have otherwise taken the time to notice and therefore learn. One of our bird feeders happens to hang outside of the window that my sick son was staring out of. He was excited to see so many birds that he doesn’t normally see because he just doesn’t spend the time observing. He starting recording details about their feather patterns and behavior in his nature journal.  

For science this year, we are using Apologia’s “Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the 5th Day” by Jeannie K Fulbright. It covers a lot about birds, so these moments that my son was observing the birds on the bird feeder, meshed so well with what we have been covering in science lately! How perfect is that?

While my oldest son was sick, he started writing in his journal (or dictating for me to write when he was really sick) several times a day! Previously he hadn’t been writing in it very often at all. He was also asking for me to bring him our bird field guide and encyclopedias so he could look things up that he wanted to know more about. Of course no one wants to be sick, or see their child sick, but I was glad that even in the midst of this yuck, there are still some positives. This was yet another reminder that even when I’m not doing school, my kids are still learning.

What have you noticed your kids learning when they are sick? 


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My children are not

My children are not teialcchnly homeschooled because they are only three and one, but I am seriously considering it when the time comes. Anyway, years ago my husband was laid off and we had to cut all unnecessary expenditures cable being one of the most expensive. Well we got so use to not having it that we never had it hooked back up. Now we are so appalled by what is on television even the commercials that we can't even consider letting the kids watch such filth and garbage. I know many in this society like to taut the old adage that it's not what kids watch or listen to that matters, but the parenting. If media didn't have an affect on anyone (especially impressionable youth) then companies wouldn't spend MILLIONS upon MILLIONS on advertising. Everything that goes in has an affect and not just on children. Those who like to watch questionable shows on tv, read the articles in porn magazines, listen to lyrics to much of the music today, and so on are searing their brains with images and thoughts they can't remove. So I challenge everyone with children (or not) to really pay attention to what they are watching and listening too. Keep a notebook for a day, a week, or month. Write down everything you see or hear that really isn't something you would want your child (or future children) to see or hear. You will be amazed at what is inundating your children on a daily basis. Even the Disney Channel has little girls trying to act sexy. Why? What is the purpose of putting little girls in clothes that show their bellies and have them dance around like strippers do? It's not cute it's all about sexuality. Is that necessary? Anway, I would suggest that everyone take the tv programming out of the house. My girls watch dvd's that I purchase after I've watched them. We go to the library and check them out and then I view them to decide if it's age appropriate. You can see a big difference in the kids that watch children's programming on cable and those that only watch material picked out carefully by their parents. They will have to grow up soon enough it's silly to push it. My girls watch one dvd in the morning if we aren't doing something out of the house and they may watch one more in the evening when their father gets home, but that's up to him. My opinion is they are much better off if they don't watch too much media. I do believe studies will prove that point as well. I read not long ago that no child under the age of three should watch more than an hour a day of tv and no more than two when they are older. Really I challenge everyone to make a real effort to view programming for an extended length of time. Look at it objectively and in honesty. Even cartoon channels are questionalbe these days. If more people took the time to really pay attention to the junk on tv and took a stand to cut it off, then maybe those that create the programming would make an effort to clean it up. It's not about censorship it's about supply and demand.And no of all the homeschooled children I know, tv is definitely not something allowed much at all. I firmly believe that children that attend public schools view double if not triple what a homeschool child views. Parents that work full-time often don't have time to spend with their kids and the tv acts as a babysitter and entertainer. If a parent works full-time, then they often only have two to three hours to prepare meals, clean house, take care of household chores, run errands, and so on before their children have to go to bed it's just the nature of the beast. Television has become a babysitter in many homes.

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