Picky-Eater = Hungry Child

I love my children and so I will provide them with nutritious meals three times a day. Additionally I may choose to offer them a small afternoon snack of my choosing. They are individuals with individual likes and dislikes. I respect their individuality and allow them the choice to eat the food they have lovingly been given at the table with the family or choose to go hungry. That is their choice. I run a home not a restaurant and therefore I do not cater or offer menu choices. Whether they like the food being served today or not is inconsequential. Their choice to eat or go hungry remains the same. Some call them picky-eaters, I call them hungry children.

With that meal view in mind, these are the mealtime rules I have developed:

  • Come to the table when I call you.
  • Use your manners-Sit on your butt in your chair quietly until you have been excused.
  • Be polite-No fussing, whining, or complaining.
  • You must try one bite of each food. (You can not know if you like it or not until you have tried it. If you don't try it, I will save it for you to try at the next meal when you are hungrier.)
  • You may not have more until you have finished what is on your plate.

Special circumstances such as illness or allergies do arise in our household and are dealt with on an individual basis.

I believe it is our job as parents to teach our children to be polite members of society. This includes manners at mealtimes. Complaining about food at mealtime is not polite. It will not hurt the child to eat a food he does not like. In fact, I think it is good for him to learn that there are many things in life that we must do whether we like them or not.

What mealtime rules work well for you?


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