Sock it too ‘em

My family and I went on a road trip to Wisconsin last month. My youngest children usually sit in the middle row of our van, and my older children usually sit in the back row. I like to pass back snacks and toys without having to stop. I can either throw the item back to them-it often gets dropped, or I can have my 2 year old in middle row try to pass it back to the children in the rear row-this often doesn’t go well either.

This trip I was pondering this process before we left and I came up with a “sock delivery system”. I used an old (clean) sock, a long piece of yarn (about 8 feet), and large empty Easter eggs (1 for each child).

I tied one end of the yarn to the cuff of the sock and tied the other end of the yarn to the arm rest of my seat in the van (so it wouldn’t get lost). Then, when I had a snack to pass back to the children, I placed it in the Easter eggs, put the eggs into the sock and tossed the sock, with the yarn attached to it, into the back row of the van. If they missed, I pulled the sock back by the yarn and tried again. When they caught it, they each took an egg out and each got their own snack. When they were done with their snacks, they put the empty eggs back into the sock, and I pulled the sock back to me, so it was ready to go for the next item I wanted to pass back. If I was passing a toy back, I would just put it in the sock and skip the Easter egg.

For the snacks, I also had an extra egg to hand to my son in the middle row so he wouldn’t feel left out of the fun.

This system worked great and my children loved it!

What are some of your secrets for traveling with children?


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