To Teach or to Commemorate?

I was thinking about 9/11 and how I was going to teach my children about that day since this is the 11th anniversary of it. Then I realized that my children already know quite a bit about 9/11. We talk about it whenever we see pictures of it or when it comes up in relation to something else. Though I have strong feelings from that day, my children were not yet born, and to them it is just another part of history like The Tower of Babel, or King Tut, or WWII. We study it just like many other events in history. The only difference to my children is that 9/11 is more recent than other parts of history and Mama was actually alive during this part of history.

I realized that Patriot Day, for us, is not so much about studying about 9/11, as much as it is commemorating it. So, my plan to commemorate 9/11 on Patriot Day is to talk about it with my children in the morning, wear red, white and blue clothes, review pictures from 9/11, and proudly fly our american flag (which usually hangs in our dining room) outside for the day. 

What are your plans for Patriot Day? Are you going to teach or commemorate?


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