The Value of Observing Random Processes

Steam roller on fresh asphaltMy children probably know more about road resurfacing than the average adult. I’m not trying to brag, I’ve simply noticed lately that they have learned a lot about road construction through simple observation. Since my oldest three children are boys, they naturally love construction vehicles and flock to the window whenever they see one drive by. We live in a house on a corner lot. In the last two years the city has resurfaced both roads by our house. Both times this has happened, I’ve had other plans for the day and decided to alter our plans so that my boys could observe the process of road resurfacing. Instead of eating lunch at the table like we normally do, one day this summer, I allowed my boys to take their lunch out to the front steps to eat it so they could watch the road construction as it was happening. I don’t think learning how a road is resurfaced will necessarily make my children into better adults, but I do think learning about the world around them and how things work and how much time and effort and resources go into common everyday things that they don’t normally think about will make them into better adults. My point is not about learning how a road is resurfaced, but taking the (sometimes inconvenient) opportunity to learn about one’s world around oneself.

I’d love to hear about the last process you took the time to observe with your children. Please leave a comment to tell me about it.


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