Why We Homeschool

People have many different reasons for homeschooling their children. We believe in the majority of situations, homeschooling is the best option for most families where the parents are actively and intentionally raising up their children. Here are some of our main reasons for choosing to homeschool our children.

  • We believe that God gave our children to us for a reason. One of those reasons being that we can raise our children better than anyone else. Not that we can raise all children better than anyone else, but that we can raise our children better than anyone else. We choose to accept this responsibility and not try to pass it off on someone else. It doesn’t matter if it’s a teacher or a pastor, we will account one day for how we raised our children.
  • Children spend a lot of time at school under the influence of others. This makes it a lot more difficult to instill our beliefs and values in them. We want our children to grow up to be strong men and women of God. We don’t believe that a school, even a Christian one, can do this as well as we can.
  • We want the best academic education for our children. We don’t believe that the government run public schools, with their high illiteracy rates, or even private schools, can possibly offer a better education for our children than we can. We can give them one on one personal attention; The schools cannot. We know our children better than any teacher ever could. We can adapt their education to fit their personal styles, interests and level of academic readiness.
  • We want our children to learn more than just academics. The schools only teach academics (unless you count all of the social brainwashing in schools today). We want our children to learn how to be Godly husbands and wives, and good citizens in our society. The school will not teach our sons or daughter how to run a household, or manage their finances, or care for their neighbor.
  • Socialization-the process of inheriting norms, customs and ideologies. We do not want our children to be like every other kid out there. We don’t want them to come home from kindergarten swearing, disrespecting others, or obsessing over the latest video game. The teachers don’t teach this, but they aren’t the only ones teaching our children at school. Children learn from their peers and many of the things they learn we’d rather they didn’t.
  • We do not want someone else teaching our children sex education. We believe the Bible teaches that sex outside of marriage and homosexuality are wrong. We will absolutely address sexual intimacy. Anyone who fails to do so has failed their child. However, we will do so in a way that communicates God’s plan for sex.
  • We don’t want our children to learn the theory of evolution as fact. God created the world. Darwin created a theory.
  • Children at home can do more in 2 hours than children at school can do all day. There is a lot of non-instructional time and busy work at schools. Some examples include going from room to room, waiting in line, etc. We believe it’s better to let our children do something constructive with that time or at the very least have that time to play.

So these are the main reasons that we homeschool our children. There are lots of other reasons as well, but these are the biggies for us. What are your reasons? Are they valid? Our primary goal in homeschooling is not to shelter our children, but to give the best education and the best result for our children. Anyone who thinks homeschooling can shelter their children will have a big surprise when they are turned loose on the world as adults.


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